Americans Are Getting Lucky IN The Office

Offices aren’t just for work anymore. In fact,  a lot of people are getting lucky at their place of business.

A new poll finds that 14% of Americans say they’ve had sex at work. Of course, that could be dangerous, as shows by the 19% of people who admit they were caught doing the nasty on the job.

And while getting into a relationship at work can be a risky situation, that hasn’t stopped 44% of Americans from having a workplace romance, with 92% of those people saying that relationship made them more excited to go to the office and more than half saying it made them more productive. 

  • By the way? It’s not just co-workers folks are getting it on with. The survey finds that one in ten Americans have had sex with the boss, with 34% saying they did it in order to get on their good side and get ahead at work.

Source: New York Post


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