105-Year-Old Birthday Girl Credits Drinking And Smoking For Her Longevity

Helen Granier turned the big 105 on Friday, so naturally, everyone's asking the Florida woman about her secret for long life. They were surprised at her answer. It turns out Helen didn’t live “clean,” she just lived it up.

Helen has a terrific memory, so talked about barely remembering WWI and then got to the juicy stuff like staying out late, drinking beer, smoking, dancing, and then heading to work. She loved gambling too, but never got to Las Vegas until her husband passed away. That’s because he knew she liked slots too much.

Honestly, the centenarian-plus doesn’t know why she’s lived this long considering her lifestyle and the fact that no one in her family even got close to this age. Helen may be a sweet looking old lady, but under that layer is a party girl and long may she live! Rock on, sister!

Source: Daily Mail


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