These Avocados Stay Ripe Twice As Long

The struggle of waiting forever for an avocado to ripen and then missing the window of it being good is all too real, but that could be a thing of the past. A startup has created a new avocado that stays ripe longer. California-based Apeel Sciences uses recycled plant material to slow spoilage and improve produce quality. Bill Gates is even one of the company’s backers.

Apeel is made of a plant-derived powder that’s mixed with water and used to coat the avocados, or any fruits or veggies you choose, creating a second skin. According to the company’s website, the coating will maintain moisture and keep produce from oxidizing, so it stays ripe longer. For avocados, Apeel is supposed to keep them at peak ripeness for twice as long. And they claim it has no taste, smell, or color, so it won’t mess with your guac.

Apeel is currently being tested on produce from Del Rey Avocados and they’re being sold at over 100 Midwestern supermarkets, including 30 Costco locations.

Source: Bustle


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