Taking Five Baths A Week Could Lower Risk For Heart Attack

A nice long soak in a hot bath can do wonders for relieving stress after a long day, but we’re less likely to find that appealing during the sweaty summer weather. But new research shows taking five hot baths a week is actually good for our health, so maybe we ought to crank up the AC and go for it anyway.

A new study published in the journal, “Nature,” shows that taking five hot baths a week could lower blood pressure as well as reduce the risk for heart attacks and stroke. So hot baths could help you live longer, but the key word here is “hot.”

The research finds that a regular dip in a tub with water at 106-degrees is healthy for the heart and reduces the chances of hardened, blocked arteries. Scientists believe being immersed in water shifts blood flow from the legs and abdomen to the heart, while the high temperature could reduce blood pressure.

Saunas provide the same benefits and some countries around the world offer public hot-bath facilities where people can go, soak, and socialize for a reasonable price. Here in the U.S., we call those places spas and have to shell out big buck to go, so if you can’t do that five times a week, you can make it happen in your tub at home for free. And it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself five times a week.

Source: Bustle


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