Couple Gets Engaged At Chipotle

Chris Piwinski knew he wanted to pop the question to Natalie Neach, so he thought about their relationship over the last 12 years to decide where to do it. And being in Northern California, there are all kinds of picturesque spots to choose from, but when he looked back on their history as a couple, the Yale grad knew it had to be the Chipotle in Elk Grove.

“We’ve done every type of dinner there,” Piwinski explains. “We’ve done pre-homecoming dinners, everything. It’s one of the core foundations of our relationship, like 100%.”

So he reached out to a brand PR manager who helped him set the whole thing up. Chipotle hired a photographer, hid the couple’s loved ones in the pizza shop next door, and provided a cake and balloons to make the proposal more special. He got down on one knee and Natalie said yes. And the future groom says Chipotle executed the plan “perfectly.”

Source: The Daily Meal


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