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Your Wedding Can Be Commemorated In Space - A Japanese company is taking wedding vows to the next level.

Start-up company Warpspace is allowing newlyweds to launch wedding plaques into space. The company will print titanium plaques with the newlyweds' names on them then they are loaded onto small cubes that hold a few hundred of the plaques.

The crew of the International Space Station releases the cubes into space and couples are then presented with photos from the astronauts. The service starts at 270-dollars and officially begins on July 29th.

There’s one catch: you have to be married at Tsukuba's Okura Frontier Hotel.Source: BBC

A Startling Number Of People Have Forgotten A Partner’s Birthday

When you’re in a relationship there are a lot of milestones you have to remember, like when you went on your first date, your first kiss, and your anniversary. Of course another important date to remember is your partner’s birthday, and apparently a lot of people are failing at that one.

A new survey by OnePoll and Evite finds that 35% of people have forgotten their partner’s birthday, with men twice as likely to be the forgetful one (52% vs. 24%). And we’re not just talking people who just started dating. In fact, 90% of those people were in serious relationships when they forgot. And you’d think once they did it they’d never do it again, but you’d be wrong. Partners are actually likely to forget their significant other’s birthday four times throughout their time together.

And forgetting a birthday isn’t just something to laugh off. The poll finds that 20% of folks were unable to recover from the mistake and plan something last minute, with 20% of couples having a fight over a forgotten birthday, and 12% actually breaking up.

  • So, why exactly is it such a big deal? Well, it could be because 28% of people expect something big from their partner on their birthday. And then there are the 36% of people who said they didn’t want anything, but actually expected something. 

Source: SWNS Digital

Colombian Motel Faces Criticism for Helping Cheating Husband Hide from His Wife

Motel Palmeiras in Bucaramanga Colombia has been facing a lot of criticism online for encouraging adultery by going out of its way to help a client who had spent the night there with a mistress hide from his wife, who was waiting outside to confront him. And as if this wasn’t bad enough, the motel later put together a promotional video detailing how they worked with the unfaithful man to figure out the best way to get him out of trouble.

On the morning of July 14, staff at Motel Palmeiras started receiving reports about a woman hiding in the bushes outside their building who seemed to be waiting for someone to come out. About an hour and a half later, they received a phone call from a client who had spent the night there with his mistress and had been tipped off that his wife was waiting outside to confront him. The man asked for assistance in avoiding his wife and staff was more than happy to oblige.

After evaluating the situation, motel employees came up with three alternatives for the client:

  1. Help the man disguise himself as a motel employee and attempt to pass by his wife (high risk of failure);
  2. Try to get him in a taxi without his wife identifying him (moderate risk of failure)
  3. Help the husband hide inside the motel facilities until his wife left (low risk of failure)

Of course, there was always the option of the man bravely walking outside and confronting his spouse, but after talking it over with the motel staff, they all agreed that the 3rd option was the safest.

At 1.57 pm, after many hours of waiting for her husband to come out of the motel, the suspicious wife finally left the premises, but the motel staff advised the husband to stick around a while longer, to make sure she was gone. At 5.05 pm, motel employees scouted the area around Motel Palmeiras for the woman, and after confirming that she had really left, the client triumphantly walked out the door at 5.15 pm.

However, people didn’t react the way the helpful motel had hoped. Instead of praising it for assisting the client, most commenters criticized its staff for encouraging infidelity, humiliating the wife, and using the whole story to promote its services on social media.

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/mexican

Most People Willing To Forgive Cheaters…But Why?

For a lot of people, infidelity is the one thing they can’t get past in a relationship, but it turns out more people are willing to forgive cheating than you may think. A new poll by the website for cheaters Ashley Madison finds that 59% of men and 51% of women say they could forgive a cheating partner and put it behind them.

But the reasons why men and women are willing to forgive are different, and in some cases surprising. For men, the biggest reason they’re willing to forgive their cheating spouse is because of the impact a breakup would have on the kids (26%), while still loving their wife is the second biggest reason (25%), followed by finances (18%).

But women seem to be looking at the more practical side of things. For gals, financial reasons is the biggest thing motivating them to forgive a cheater (30%), followed by the kids (25%) and still being in love with their partner (24%).

Source: The Sun

Sucking Up to Your Boss Can Seriously Backfire

A new study proves what work colleagues have always known: kiss-ups are full of it.

Researchers at Oregon State University’s College of Business found that while kissing-up may bolster employees’ reputation with management, it can also lead to bad behavior, such as wasting time online, missing appointments or acting like a jerk to colleagues.

Scientists examined 75 professionals at a Chinese software company for their paper, which was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Researchers believe part of the reason is that brown-nosing — such as complimenting your boss or doing them favors — can be exhausting when you’re taking on additional work.

“There’s a personal cost to ingratiating yourself with your boss,” Anthony Klotz, associate professor of management at OSU’s College of Business, says in a press release.

“When your energy is depleted, it may nudge you into slack-off territory.”

Researchers suggest that those feeling depleted by their own ass-kissing might try taking a walk or leaning on a confidante.

“That’s typically better than allowing the depletion to manifest in other ways, like skipping a meeting being rude to a co-worker,” Klotz says.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/07/26/sucking

How Long Should You Date Before Getting Married

Guess what, y’all? It’s a fact: 40-50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. Which means that we should be super careful and picky before we actually tie the knot. One of the ways we can do that is by dating a little longer before we get hitched. We’re looking at you Ariana Grandeand Pete Davidson

The two stars dated barely a month before announcing their engagement – and they’ve stood by it ever since. We support them, but what happens if their beautiful relationship ends in divorce down the line because they didn’t date for long enough before deciding to make it official?

Experts have decided that it’s best to wait at least a year before deciding to get married to someone – maybe even more. The thing about getting married quick? You’re in the honeymoon stages – which means that anything the person does seems like gospel. But once that stage is over, you’re in for a whirlwind of things you didn’t know you hated about the person.

Maybe Ariana and Pete could take a page from this book. Sure, we love them together, but good things come to those who wait.

Source: Elite Daily

Why Are Millennials Quitting Their Lush Jobs?

We all know the type: the girl that got a killer job in NYC out of college and is traipsing around in pantsuits and leather skirts meeting celebrities and going back to their beautiful office with a view. And then she just quit. And everyone around was all “WTF?” Thing is, it’s not uncommon. Like, at. all.

The reason for so many 20-Somethings ditching their lush jobs? They want to travel more. They all figure they have plenty of time to go back to the corporate world when they’ve gotten a little adventure out of their systems. According to a survey, about 43% of millennials plan on quitting their jobs in the next two years.

But not all of us are traipsing around trying to find exotic places to travel to on a budget. Many of us are just ready for the next best thing. There’s no shame in the job-hopping game, you know – as long as you don’t tick anybody off or burn any bridges.

Source: New York Post


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