Government Confirms Air Marshals Are Watching Us

Have you gained some weight? Do you fidget a lot? Don’t have the nicest “resting face?” The Feds may have a record of it – and you. In case you missed it, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has confirmed a program called Quiet Skies, which allows air marshals to keep track of American citizens. Even those not on any watch list. Just average people.

Civil rights advocates are calling the TSA's Quiet Skies program absurd and possibly a violation of people's rights. The program identifies individuals for intensive monitoring during flights. How does it work? An air marshal is assigned to watch the individual and take detailed notes on a behavior checklist.

The TSA issued a statement saying the program is practical method in trying to prevent future terrorist attacks. But some of the items on the checklist are interesting. Marshals take note if you used the bathroom (and how many times), if you slept, or if you have a “cold, penetrating stare.” The data is sent to TSA.

Source: NPR


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