Always Look on The Bright Side? Might Not Be A Good Thing

You know the saying – always look on the bright side of life. Well, don’t. It turns out it might not be the best advice after all and could actually be bad for your health, experts warn. Feeling stressed can help people cope better with bad news, scientists have discovered. The findings add to increasing evidence that pressure is sometimes a good thing and sheds fresh light on mental health problems like depression. Most people have a tendency to dismiss bad tidings and instead are over-optimistic. But some people, such as those with depression, focus more on negative information which can actually help them process bad news better. The new findings, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, showed that being able to switch from looking on the bright side to focusing on negatives can be a healthy, adaptive response to change.

  • Have you ever regretted looking on the bright side because you didn’t take care of your health?



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