Experts: This is Where You Should Keep Your Condoms

You’ve seen it – you’re about to get down and dirty with a dude you met on Tinder when he reaches in his pocket or his wallet for a condom. They’re the two classic places for a guy to keep his condoms when he’s out. But you really shouldn’t be putting your condoms there. The friction and temperature are bad for rubbers.

Here’s the thing – the quality of your condoms decreases when exposed to heat, moisture, friction, and light. Your wallets and pockets are just too warm for your brand new condoms. And the last thing you want is to go into a tryst with a weak condom, right?

So what’s the answer? Keep your condoms in your bedside table. If you REALLY feel like you need to bring a few with you – try keeping them in a handbag or a small tin that fits in your pocket. You don’t want your condoms getting too much action before you do!

Source: Metro


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