Rat Eats Former Soccer Star’s Foot While He's Sleeping

Former English soccer star Gary Mabbutt had a rude awakening one morning during his recent trip to South Africa. According to him, a rat managed to chow down on his foot while he was sleeping.

Mabbutt explains that the incident occurred after he had gone to bed for the night while visiting his daughter, who works at Kruger National Park. His daughter was actually the first victim of the hungry rat, who had bitten her thumb. Once she ran to tell her dad, he looked down to discover his foot covered in blood. “It made quite a big hold in my toe, going down to the bone,” he says.

Why didn’t he feel it? Mabbutt, who has Type One diabetes, goes on to explain that he hardly has any feeling left in his feet. After the incident, he flew back to the United Kingdom for surgery, spending a week in the hospital to recover.

Source: Fox News


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