Popular Nudist Camp On The Market For Over $1 Million

Southleigh Manor in Cornwall, England, is a three-acre nudist resort. In fact, it’s one of the United Kingdom’s biggest nudist camps. Now, it could be yours for a little over $1 million dollars.

Owners Bob and Kathy Prescott say they’re nudists themselves, stumbling upon the property for sale one day when they were on vacation. Now, they’re selling in preparation for their retirement. “We very much hope that it will stay as a naturist park, we don’t know who will eventually end up buying it but it would be our wish that they keep catering to naturists” notes Bob. “There’s not many naturist camps in the whole country so it’s a very niche market.”

The park draws in nudists from the United Kingdom and abroad, a large portion of their guests coming from the Netherlands. The resort is selling for $1.4 million dollars – that includes the manor house, with facilities like private accommodation for the owners, five bedrooms, a large private garden, two log cabins, a bar and restaurant, a sauna, an outdoor heated swimming pool, and other perks.

Source: Mirror

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