Reduce Stress With These Shower Hacks

We all know that baths can be very relaxing and help reduce stress, especially with a bath bomb, but if you don't have the time for a bath or hate sitting in dirty water we got you covered!

Here are six shower hacks that will help you reduce stress:

  • Take a Hot Shower to Reduce Muscle Pain - Hot water and steam can soothe tension and loosen muscles and can also increase levels of oxytocin, which is the hormone that make you feel good!
  • Take a Cold Shower to Increase Circulation - A cool, shower can increase circulation, which helps you feel alert and more energized!
  • Take a Shower with Essential Oils - Use calming scents like lavender to help create stress-relieving aromatherapy.
  • Use a Shower Tab - Essentially it's a bath bomb that works with steam to create great smells that relax you!
  • Take a Plant in the Shower with you - Indoor plants can actually improve your mood and lower stress! You can hang them wherever it works in your space and make your shower a little greener!
  • Jam Out with Music - Singing has been proven to release endorphins so take the time to improve your karaoke skills in the shower.


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