Shoe Store Burglar Steals Several Right-Foot Shoes

A burglar broke into a Virginia shoe store and took several sneakers that were all for the right foot.

It's not clear if the thief meant to take only right-footed sneakers or was too much in a hurry to notice on the night of Aug. 25. But Rob Wickham, a proprietor of Clean Soles in Roaoke, Va., said he lost 13 right-footed shoes for what seems to be no reason at all since they're not much good "unless you have two right feet."

"Pretty much risking their freedom for nothing," Wickham told the Roanoke Times.

The thief did manage to take a few things that could be used, including one whole pair of sneakers and a few shirts and hoodies.

But Wickham is still dumbfounded by why somebody would bother breaking into a store to take several right-foot sneakers off the display shelf.

"What was the point of grabbing one shoe off the shelf?" he told NPR.

Police are still looking for the suspect, who was caught on video during the heist, but had his or her face covered.


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