Mac And Cheese Candy Canes Are A Thing

Back in the day, candy canes used to come in one flavor - mint. Sure, sometimes you’d get one of those multi-colored fruity-flavored ones, but mostly just the red and white old school mint. But now, candy canes come in all kinds of varieties, for better or worse. And one of the newest flavors we’ve heard about is definitely one of the strangest: mac and cheese.

The yellow and white-striped canes are available at Archie McPhee, a store in Seattle that’s “been bringing strange and amazing things to the world” for more than 30 years, according to its website. And mac and cheese candy canes fit right in there. You can pick up six of them for just $4.95, if you dare. But if that flavor doesn’t call out to you, maybe you’d like to try some of the store’s other bizarre candy cane options: pickle, bacon, rotisserie chicken, and gravy. We wish we were kidding. Oh, and we can’t forget "Clamdy Canes," which are clam-flavored candy canes. Seriously. But maybe save those for the folks on your naughty list this year.

Source: Delish


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