Arby’s Wants to Give Free Tattoos to Dedicated ‘Sandwich Fans’

Arby’s is giving its fans free sandwiches for life – but not the edible kind.

The home of “the meats” has announced it will be giving out free tattoos to the most dedicated fans so they will have a “free sandwich for life.”

“There’s simply no other brand more passionate and dedicated to sandwiches than Arby’s – and there are many sandwich fans out there who share this same level of passion,” Arby’s said in a statement.

“Nothing, however, shows more dedication and commitment to something than inking it on your body. That’s why Arby’s is going to help sandwich fans showcase their commitment by giving them a free sandwich for life – in the form of a tattoo,” the food chain continued, and added that it will be paying for the tattoos.

However, if getting a tattoo of a sandwich on your body was not enough of a catch, there is another one – to take advantage of this “permanent” deal, you have to travel to Port City Tattoo in Long Beach, Calif., this Saturday, Sept. 22. Tattoo artist Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery has teamed up with Arby’s and will be doing all of the flash sandwich tattoos.

If you’re a die-hard Arby’s fan and can’t make it to California, the brand has another option. People can download the flash artwork online and take the sheet to a local tattoo artist — though Arby’s won’t be footing the bill.


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