This Pizza-Testing Job Pays $1K a Day

Wanna make some dough?

A company that manufactures home pizza ovens is offering the chance to stuff your face and your wallet with a job that involves making and eating tons of pies. The company, Ooni, will pay the lucky workers up to $1,000 a day to create pizzas with its portable, wood-fired ovens, according to Thrillist.

Pay is commensurate with pizza experience, the company says. So although most New Yorkers score above average in their ability to scarf down slices, it’s really the professional pie masters who can expect to command big bucks. Casual home cooks will likely earn about $300 a day.

“We feel that keeping the day rate open to a range of rates will ensure that we’ll attract the full breadth of people who cook their own pizza at home, from novices through to professional pizzaioli,” Ooni’s co-founder Darina Garland tells Thrillist.

Job responsibilities include testing and providing feedback on various recipes, and maybe throwing the company a bone with a social media post or two. Oh, and you’ll need a yard: Ooni’s ovens are for outdoor use only.

Candidates can apply through Oct. 14 by sending Ooni a 60-second video that demonstrates their pizza prowess.

If you land the gig, you’ll be reimbursed for ingredients. Gym membership, however, is up to you.


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