Woman Finds Dead Tortoise In Her... Uh.

Spanish media, lately, has been enamored with a bizarre -- and startling -- story. Apparently, a woman has found a dead tortoise in her vagina after vacationing in Spain. 

According to the respected publication El Dia, the unidentified woman went to a medical center in Tenerife after complaining about pain in her genital area. Upon inspection, doctors found the tortoise insider her and immediately called police. 

She told officers that she felt weird after partying with friends a few days earlier, but does not have any idea how the reptile ended up inside her privates.

Another respected paper, El Periodico, reports that it may have been a turtle found inside the woman and not a tortoise. 

On the other hand, The New York Post reports that The Sun Online has not been able to confirm the strange story.

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