Six Flags Offers Guests $300 To Spend 30 Hours In A Coffin

If you’re really into getting spooked, Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri has the perfect Halloween challenge for you. As part of the park’s Fright Fest, they’re offering $300, free ride tickets and two Gold Season Passes to six lucky people. All you have to do is spend 30 hours inside a six-foot coffin.

You don’t have to brave it alone, for the most part – competitors are allowed to invite a guest to keep them company during the park’s operating hours… but you’ll have to last the night by yourself. Coffin dwellers will also be given a bathroom break every hour, and will be fed from their “bed,” too. Not only that, but the coffin comes with a phone charging station and you’re allowed to bring a pillow and blankets for a more comfortable stay.

Feeling up to the challenge? Horror fans 18 years and older can fill out the Coffin Challenge registration form HERE. Registration for the October 13th event ends on October 4th and must accept by the end of the day on October 6th.

Source: Daily Mail

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