Are These The Most Overpriced Things?

These days a lot of us get sticker shock when we look at our bills. So many things seem to cost more than they probably should, and a lot of us are just sick of it.

Well, a new poll asked consumers to share the items they consider to be the most overpriced, and concert tickets topped the list. While going to see your favorite band or artists may be fun, 69% of people saying those tickets cost just way too much. Not far behind on the overpriced list is college tuition and healthcare, which 60% of Americans find to be way too expensive.

Top Ten Most Overpriced Items

1. Concert tickets (69%)

2. College Tuition (60%)

3. Health insurance (60%)

4. Movie theater popcorn (58%)

5. Gas (58%)

6. Sport game tickets (58%)

7. Car repairs (57%)

8. Movie ticket (55%)

9. Cigarettes (53%)

10. Car insurance (52%) 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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