Home Remedies Moms Swear By

In case you don’t already know, moms are amazing. No matter what comes at them, they seem to always know how to handle it. Moms are also resourceful and have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves for dealing with life’s messy situations and sometimes they’re happy to share their knowledge. Here are some of the home remedies moms in the My Little Villager's Facebook community swear by.

  • Descale showers - Put equal parts of blue Dawn dish detergent and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the shower down with it. Let it sit for 20 minutes and the soap scum will melt right off. If it’s really bad, wipe it down before rinsing.
  • Freshen garbage disposal - When the sink gets stinky, toss some sliced lemons in the disposal to deodorize.
  • Get rid of rust - Lemon juice should get a rust stain out of fabric and aluminum foil removes rust stains on other surfaces.
  • Remove grass stains - Scrub the stain with some Head and Shoulders shampoo before tossing clothes in the washer.
  • Blood stains - A little scrub with any kind of shampoo before you wash the clothes should do the trick.
  • Remove ink stains - The alcohol in hand sanitizer will get the ink out.
  • Remove permanent marker - Hairspray will work to remove permanent marker from most surfaces.
  • Getting nail polish out of carpet - This is a tricky one, but Windex works to get the stain out of carpet.
  • Sharpen scissors - To sharpen scissor blades, just stack seven sheets of aluminum foil and cut through them with the scissors.
  • Burns - White vinegar, toothpaste, and even mustard can soothe the stinging sensation in a burn on the skin, it even works for sunburns.

Source: Popsugar

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