Restaurant Workers Reveal The Grossest Things They’ve Ever Witnessed

America loves to dine out, and when we do we are assuming the restaurants we eat in safe and clean. Sadly,  as most of us know all too well, regardless of that inspection sticker on the wall, there could be some very gross things happening in the kitchen.

While some of us would rather remain clueless, some restaurant workers are now spilling the beans to Buzzfeed about some of the grossest things they’ve witnessed, and after you hear them, you may start thinking about cooking at home again.

Gross things restaurant workers have witnessed include:

  • “One day the ice machine was jammed so a customer asked for help to unclog it. One of the workers walked into the bathroom and back out with a toilet plunger, then started using it to break up the ice."
  • One worker at a sandwich shop says he “watched in horror as (the cook) took his spatula and flipped a sandwich on the grill, then shoved the same spatula down his pants to scratch his junk."
  • A hotel worker said they went to clean the machine where they got the orange juice and found “a ton of dead fruit flies... and an excessive amount of mold."
  • "I work in a pizza place that serves chicken wings. I have witnessed on several occasions wings rolling onto the floor as they're being put in the oven, then being picked up and put right back with the rest of them."
  • “I saw one of the cooks, who was notorious for not wearing gloves, sneeze into his hand then proceed to top a pizza. I passed on every staff meal after that."
  • "I once listened to a group of cooks trying to figure out if there were too many maggots in a batch of chocolate ganache to use it, or if they could just strain them out."
  • “One morning I pointed out that a mouse had gotten into our bakery's display case. There were mouse pawprints across an entire case of frosted cookies. My boss smoothed over the frosting and told me to sell the cookies anyway."
  • "One time I accidentally dropped an entire box of feta cheese into the trash bin. My boss just picked all of it out, washed it with water, and served it in a salad as if nothing had happened."
  • "I saw a grill cook use his tongs to get something off of the bottom of his shoe, then use that same pair of tongs to continue flipping steaks." 

Source: Buzzfeed

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