There's A New Drink That Claims To Cure Hangovers

Put down the Pediasure and step away from the Red Bull! There’s an adult beverage on the market for people who want to prevent those nasty hangovers… and it actually comes from the UK CEO of Red Bull Henry Drnec. It’s a detox drink that’s supposed to completely get rid of your hangovers.

Sober Up is a shot made from natural ingredients like turmeric, ginseng, and peppermint. All you have to do is take it before, during, or after drinking, and your hangover will run away crying. Not only does the beverage help you with the hangover portion of your weekend, but it’ll give your liver the little boost it needs to keep you going through all future weekends, too.

The drink hasn’t hit the market yet, but we have high hopes. Until then, we can all laugh at the site of a bunch of 20-Somethings clutching Pediasure before a big night out.

Source: Bustle

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