Eggnog-flavored vodka is here

You might be spending this holiday season decking the halls, but I'll be busy drinking the halls with a little help from Three Olives' newly introduced eggnog-flavored vodka. Yes, just months after launching Rosé vodka, the company is back at it with another brand-new liquor flavor — only this time, it's putting an adult twist on a seasonal classic.

Eggnog-flavored vodka is now available nationwide for $18 a bottle. According to a product description on the Three Olives website, the smell of the liquor mimics that of "a light butterscotch with notes of baked nutmeg." The taste, on the other hand, "starts with a whipping cream taste while bakery spices, like allspice and cinnamon, increase over time." There are also undertones of orange peel and caramel, read more...


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