Study Reveals 28-Percent Of People Have Slept With Their Boss

While getting romantically involved with your superior at work is generally frowned upon—and for good reason given that it often ends up in personal and professional disaster. However, knowing that it’s such a bad idea doesn’t keep everyone from doing it—as a new study discovered, not only do people get the hot’s for their bosses, many of them even follow through on it.

A survey of over 1,000 people by resume building company Zety revealed that 40% of people have been attracted to their bosses in the past. What may be a bit shocking to know is that 28% of people have actually followed through with having sex with their superiors.

Incidentally, men were a whopping 32% more likely to think that sleeping with a superior is A-Okay, and acceptability also varied depending on what industry the respondents worked in. For instance, those in construction, hotel/food service/hospitality, and tech were the most accepting of these types of liaisons, while those in government and public admin, medical and healthcare, and wholesale and retail were the least cool with it.

Colleagues on more level ground were pretty chill about flirting in the office as well. Roughly 36% of people said they’ve been hit on by a coworker—31.2% of women and 23.7% of men, to be specific. Most people also didn’t care what their colleagues got up to, with 64.5% saying if they found out two of their coworkers were sleeping together, they wouldn’t do anything at all (of course, 16% would tell another coworker about it and 11.4% would actually send a message to HR about it).



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