Most People Are Giving Up On Being Healthy Until 2019

We’re not even halfway through November yet, but according to a new study, Americans are already abandoning efforts to be healthy until next year. The research looked into the health and diets of 2,000 people as the holiday season approaches and found that as many as 45% say they’re waiting until 2019 to eat clean or lose weight.

The research, which was commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition and conducted by OnePoll, reveals that the average person gains six pounds in holiday weight, which makes sense when you consider 54% admit eating more than one Thanksgiving dinner in the same day. The survey also finds that four in 10 have eaten so much holiday food they’ve had to loosen a button on their pants, but somehow 12% of folks manage to make it through the season without gaining anything at all.

There’s something about the holidays that makes us give up on eating healthy, and 55% of those surveyed say they’ve broken a diet to indulge in some home-cooked holiday food. But it’s not just the holidays themselves that tempt us, the results show the average American will overeat on 13 different days between Thanksgiving to New Year.

  • And even though so many of us have given up on trying to eat right in 2018, they’re still optimistic they can make better choices next year, with 54% saying they’ll be successful in staying healthy in 2019. Lots of Americans are going with the “start again in January” attitude, and 34% are already planning their New Year’s resolutions, which are - no surprise - to exercise more (71%), eat healthier (71%), and to focus on self-care (55%).

Source: New York Post


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