Rome Bans Sloppy Eating, Pub Crawls, Dressing Like A Centurion, And More

It’s safe to say that Italy is fed up with tourists’ behavior in their capital city. New laws have been put in place in an effort to “clean up” Rome, including fines for messy eating and swimming in fountains. While some of the new regulations are being frowned upon even by locals, Mayor Virginia Raggi is certainly pleased about them.

Rome’s city council has apparently been trying to get a handle on the city’s “disgusting” conditions for years as mass tourism continues to rise. Now they’re making some of those efforts permanent, meaning police can now impose fines on people who drink alcohol past 2 a.m., dress as “gladiators” (or centurions), or eat near fountains. Even people who eat “in a slovenly fashion” will reportedly face penalties.

Local businesses are particularly worried about the late-night alcohol ban, as it applies to bars and clubs, as well. Since the laws have been put in place, they’ve obviously seen a drop in customers… but drug dealers continue to loiter. Regardless, the Mayor is happy that change has finally come.

“After 72 years of waiting, Rome has new urban police regulations,” she said. “Today is a historic day.”

Source: The Local


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