Billionaire Widow Wills $1.6B to Her Dog to Punish Her Children

A woman whose six children didn’t visit for the last five years of her life decided to bequeath the totality of her possessions of an estimated worth of $1,635M to her dog, a 3-year old Jack Russell named Rufus.

Barbara Smith, who inherited more than 1.4B$ from her late husband in 2009, died from a breast cancer in October. Her six children had been waiting for weeks to hear from her notary about her will and their possible heirlooms and finally decided to contact him.

They learned that their mother had bequeathed the totality of her possessions to her pet dog, including 7 residences, over 40 cars, and a 120-ft long yacht.

Ms. Smith even specifically indicated in her will that everything was to be “burned to the ground if ⌈her⌉ selfish and useless children tried to contest ⌈her⌉ will and obtain it”.

Robert Smith, the oldest of the six siblings, says their mother was clearly irrational when she prepared her will and that they are actually considering their legal options.

“Leaving that much money to a dog is simply ridiculous, and I really doubt the executor could order everything to be burned down.”

He says his mother was mean, malicious and simply unbearable, and that her will is just another proof of her cruelty.

“We stopped visiting because the old hag was purely evil. She enjoyed making people miserable when she was alive and she decided to continue after her death.”



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