NEW APP: Tell People Exactly What You Want For The Holidays

Telling people what you want for the holidays can kind of make you feel like a jerk (for some reason). You don’t want to be caught asking for something too lavish, and you definitely don’t want to seem greedy. But is it better to get a bunch of gifts you don’t want and have to awkwardly return them in the weeks after Christmas? As is it with all thing righteous and good…there’s an app for that.

Hinted is a holiday wish list platform/app that cuts out the guesswork for your friends and family members, and they’re starting up a #NoReturns challenge this holiday season. If you had no problem asking for things as a kid, you should consider adopting the same habits as an adult. No more guessing sizes or colors or brands. All you have to do is throw all of the info up on your Hinted list, and your family and friends will know exactly what to buy.

To be honest, getting gifts you don’t want is wasteful and eating up everyone’s time. Lose the closet full of stuff you plan on regifting next year, and just cut to the chase already. 

Source: Elite Daily


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