#ShockingNotShocking: People Like Cheating At Christmas Parties

It’s the time of year for Christmas parties, which could mean trouble for your relationship. It’s the work parties that are to blame for our naughty behavior during the holiday season. The booze is flowing, and that one guy from accounting finally has your full attention. What boyfriend? Fiancée who?

According to a survey by Illicit Encounters, a third of people have cheated on their partners at Christmas, and it’s usually because of an office party. In fact, 57% of those people hooked up with a colleague, and 68% of those people claim the eggnog was just a little too strong. But these numbers aren’t really surprising, and there’s a common reason why.

There’s a buildup in your work relationships because you KNOW it’ll just create drama during the more sober days of the year. But when the holiday party comes around? All that flirting in the break room comes to kissing under the mistletoe. If it sounds like a good idea, it’s probably just the mulled wine talking. Lasso up your partners, people. It’s holiday party season!

Source: Metro


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