Deer Poacher Ordered to Watch 'Bambi' Behind Bars

A Missouri judge ordered a convicted deer poacher to watch Disney's Bambi once a month during the year he spends behind bars.

Lawrence County Judge Robert George sentenced David Berry Jr. to one year in jail for illegally killing deer, and while he is incarcerated he is to watch the 1942 animated film about a deer whose mother is killed by hunters.

The judge's order states Berry must have his first viewing of Bambi on or before Dec. 23. The order states he must then watch the movie at least once a month until his release from the Lawrence County Jail.

Berry, along with family members David Berry Sr. and Kyle Berry, were arrested in 2016 after a nearly nine-month investigation found they killed numerous bucks and trophies and took only the heads and antlers, leaving the rest of the animals' bodies behind to rot.

"Berry Jr.'s convictions are the tip of a long list of illegal fish and game activity by him and other members of his family," Lawrence County Conservation Agent Andy Barnes told CNN.



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