Beard Bouquets Are Here Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Forget the everyday bouquets that will only die in time. Now, our bearded men can give us the ultimate bouquet we never asked for – Beard Bouquet by a company called Firebox. It’s a little box set that comes with nine clip-on roses for your hairy chin. And the best news? They claim to be comfy enough to wear for the entire date.

Ladies everywhere are probably cringing seeing these bad boys pop up on social media, hoping their fellas choose NOT to invest in what will surely be an embarrassing Valentine’s Day dinner for everyone involved. Luckily for these ladies, the item is sold out right now, but don’t get too relaxed. Their supposed to be back in stock this week.

Firebox claims that “one look at your flower stuffed facial hair, and you’ll be enjoying her secret garden in no time.” Hmmm. That’s a pretty big claim to make. Any ladies out there super turned on by face flowers? Yeah…that’s what we thought…

Source: Bustle

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