8 million pounds of guac & more: Super Bowl LIII by the numbers

This weekend, Americans will gorge themselves, drink themselves silly, and -- oh yeah -- possibly take in a football game.

Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, the financial website WalletHub has crunched the numbers to determine how many chips will be crunched, how much beer swilled, and how much dough Americans are willing to shell out to celebrate America's unofficial national holiday.

Not surprisingly, perhaps that 1 in 10 say they'll miss work on Super Bowl Monday.  Here's a deeper look at Super Bowl LIII by the numbers:--200,000 Uber/Lyft airport pickups will be made in the 10 days leading to Super Bowl LIII--$400 million of  positive economic impact for Atlanta--$270 is the average hotel rate in Atlanta this week: 200% higher than normal--$7,166 is the average price of a Super Bowl LIII ticket on the resale market--$5.24 Million is the average cost for a 30-second commercial during the game

Super Bowl Parties:--24% of Americans plan to attend a Super Bowl party--52.4% say Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday--2,400  average calories consumed at the average Super Bowl party--1.38 billion chicken wings eaten--10 million pounds of ribs--8 million pounds of guacamole--14,500 tons of chips--30% increase in pizza orders--51.7 million cases of beer consumed--$1.2 billion spent on beer--$594 million spent on wine--$503 million on hard liquor

What we'd skip to see our team play in the Super Bowl: --23%  Vacation--21%  Important work--20%  Wedding of a close friend or family member.--19%  Funeral of a loved one--15%  Birth of their child

What we'd sacrifice to see our team win:-52%  Vacation days for one year-31%  Annual bonus-14%  Savings account balance-3%  401k plan

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