10 Things Your Mail Carrier Surprisingly Knows About You

If you don't already have a good relationship with your mail carrier then you might want to start working on that after you learn the ten things they can tell by just looking at your mail.

Some of these are pretty obvious, but if you don't like your mail-person then you might want to change your attitude after you learn they know the following:

  • They Know About Your Credit Score
  • They Know About Your Hidden Purchases
  • They Know the Hobbies You Do
  • They Know Your Approximate Age
  • They Know When You're on Vacation
  • They Know If You're Pregnant
  • They Know When You Broke the Law
  • They Know About Big Break-Ups
  • They Know When You Are Messy
  • They Know What Type of Pet You Have

( CheatSheet )

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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