PSA: You're Not Supposed To Eat The Wax On Babybel Cheese

Experienced Babybel cheese eaters know that the red wax on the outside is not part of the snack, it’s just there to protect the cheese inside. But apparently, this knowledge isn’t as obvious as we thought because some newbies to the round cheese snacks have shared their wax coating experiences on social media.

The cheese circles are coated in red wax that comes with handy little pull-tabs, but it wasn’t clear to some folks what to do with those because a photorecently uploaded to Imgurshows the Babybel with a third bitten off and teeth marks through both the wax and the cheese.

And it turns out, they’re not alone. Otherposts on ImgurandReddit, show plenty of people have done it. But let’s just go ahead and clear this up for everyone:don’t eat the wax on the outside of a Babybel. While the company says it’s food-safe and won’t hurt you, it’s not food and won’t taste good. So take the wax off, eat the cheese, and use the wax to play with while you snack.The more you know, right?


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