Snowplow takes out 30 blocks of mailboxes

How many homes are there on an average residential block? That's how many mailboxes a city snowplow took out in Lincoln, Nebraska -- times 30.

AsKLKN TVreports, it happened last Sunday morning along the pleasingly named Normal Boulevard. Some 30 blocks worth of mailboxes were affected. While some of the mailboxes were only moderately damaged, just as many if not more were broken off of their posts or completely destroyed, with some of them missing altogether.

City officialLonnie Burklandsaid they'd neither spoken with nor disciplined the unidentified snowplow driver responsible. He did, however, say they were trying to assist affected homeowners who wished to file a claim. 

However, the rules say the person filing the claim has to prove negligence in order to force the city to pay. As opposed to a snowplow cowboy mowing down 30 blocks worth of mailboxes because he was paying extra-close attention to his job.


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