Science (and hipster) proves all hipsters look alike

If you think all hipsters look alike, you're not alone. And thanks to science, and an actual hipster, we now have proof.

As reported by the IT news siteThe Register, theMIT Technology Reviewlast month published a 34-page paper that essentially asserted that all hipsters look alike. You know the type: knit beanie cap, retro beards, flannel shirts and so on. 

Accompanying the paper was astock imagefrom the commercial images provider Getty of a male hipster in typical hipster garb.

Shortly after publication,MIT Technology RevieweditorGideon Lichfieldsays, "We promptly got a furious email from a man who said he was the guy in the photo that ran with the story. He accused us of slandering him, presumably by implying he was a hipster, and of using the pic without his permission."

So they checked the image again, even going so far as to call Getty, which in turn checked the model release info for the stock image. 

Turns out, the guy in the photo was NOT the guy who complained that he was the guy in the photo.

"He'd misidentified himself," Lichfield says. "All of which just proves the story we ran: hipsters look so much alike that they can’t even tell themselves apart from each other."


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