What Do You Keep The House Thermostat Set At? Researchers find average

If you find yourself constantly tweaking your home’s thermostat in search of the perfect temperature, you might save some time by just moving to eastern Africa. That might sound drastic, but a new study reveals that you’d probably be a whole lot more comfortable than you are right now. The research, which was published in Royal Society Open Science, reveals that the temperatures Americans typically gravitate towards when adjusting their thermostats closely match the conditions in Kenya and other regions in eastern Africa. This probably isn’t just a coincidence. The researchers found that the range of home temperatures fluctuated between the upper 40s Fahrenheit (usually at night) to as high as the mid-90s, with most homes falling well within those margins. Then, using a grid system to average worldwide temperatures, they matched that range with the specific areas of the globe. Eastern Africa was top of the list.

  • What’s your ideal temperature of the day and the evening? I want 85 during the day and 75 at night. 



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