Instant Karma For Thieves Who Siphoned "Gas" From Bus

Karma is alive and well. Just ask these people who thought siphoning gas from someone else's vehicle was a great idea. Seems that a group of gas siphoning thieves from Australia were hard at work when they came across a big tour bus during the night. All appeared to be going to plan for our group right up until the moment it went wrong, so very wrong.They managed to get the hose in and start sucking to bring out the gas, only to realize too late that they’d put their siphoning pipe in the wrong place. Instead of sucking gas from the bus, they began the process of siphoning straight from the sewage tank. Police discovered the unsavory mix-up when they found a discarded cap next to the bus which had none of its fuel stolen. The owners of the bus said they have no interest in seeing any of the stolen property returned. Karma took care of the rest. 


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