Moms Share When They Knew They Were Done Having Kids

Being a parent isn’t easy, and while some folks feel the more kids the better, there are others who know their limits and stick to just one or two. So, how do parents know when’s the right time for them to stop procreating?

Well, Buzzfeed recently asked moms to share the moment they knew they were done having kids, and many of the responses were quite relatable, some were sad and others were pretty funny.They include:

  • "I knew I was done when I was at the store and saw a mom with two toddlers in her shopping cart fighting over who was touching who.No thanks!"
  • "When I was having my vagina and perineum repaired with over 100 stitches after birthing an 11-pound baby WHO GOT STUCK. She's 10-years-old now, and sh*t still ain't right with my delicate area."
  • "I knew the day I brought my first baby home and realized I didn't take joy in motherhood like I felt other moms did."
  • “When we were on an airplane with our two kids and I imagined trying to do the trip with a whole other human. It was so overwhelming that I told my husband to get a vasectomy consult as soon as possible."
  • "When I cried on the toilet from painful hemorrhoids while taking my first post-childbirth poop."
  • “When my bank account told me."
  • "I knew I was done when my 9-pound third baby came 'too fast' for an epidural."
  • "I knew I was done when both of my kids finally learned to buckle their own seatbelts, and I realized we could leave the house like normal human beings again."
  • "When I found out we were pregnant with our third boy and panicked about being outnumbered by penis in my own home."
  • "I knew when I was 36 hours into labor with my first." 



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