Are college degrees worth it? Survey reports many say "no"

We all know it costs a lot of time and money to get a college degree, but in the end is it all worth it? Well, a new survey finds that a lot of Americans don’t actually think so.

A poll by GoBankingRates finds that 42% of college graduates don’t think their college degree is worth the student debt they accrued to get it. In fact, their debt is keeping them from doing a lot of things, include:

  • Saving for retirement (36%)
  • Going on vacation (32%)
  • Being financially independent (28%)
  • Owning their home (21%)
  • Pursuing a job they're passionate about (17%)

Just how much debt are folks drowning in? Well, the survey finds that 10% have more than $50,000 in student loan debt, while 37% have more than $15,000.

Source: GoBankingRates


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