Shell On Challenge is the latest stupid (and dangerous!) trend

Kids will do just about anything for social media likes and attention and there's a new viral challenge that has parents and doctors concerned. 

It seems that kids are challenging one another to eat plastic bags or cardboard boxes while posting yourself doing so. A teen from Arizona was recently seen taking a bite out of a plastic bag with carrots in it and then swallowing it. It's the latest potentially dangerous challenges young people are posting to social media, mostly on Snapchat.

It's called the Shell On challenge, and it involves everything from taking a bite out of an unpeeled banana or lemon, to eating food with the plastic wrapping or cardboard packaging still on it.

Doctors are worried about pesticides as well as the plastic wrappings that can put anyone taking a bite out of it in immediate danger. They suggest that parents have a conversation with their children about the dangers associated with this challenge. 

First, we had the Tide Pod challenge and now this.

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