The Meltdown-Free Way To End Your Kid's Screen Time

Most kids are less than happy when screen-time comes to an end, but for some little ones, the post-screen-time meltdown is real. Their parents have learned that the moment the TV, iPad, or other device gets turned off, the whines, tears, and sometimes screams start up. Lot of us use the “five-minute warning” with our little ones, but when that doesn’t help brace them for the shutdown, it’s time to try a new tactic to stop the tantrums.

When it’s time for screen-time to end, instead of just telling your kid it’s over, take a minute to sit down with them and get into their world for a sec. Watch their show with them or hang out and watch them play their game for a little bit and share their experience. It doesn’t take long, even half a minute can do it. And then ask them a question about their show or game.

The strategy comes from French clinical psychologist Isabelle Filliozat and the idea is basically to put yourself into your kid’s screen time world, so you can gently bring them back to real life. That little bit of time and the question bridges the gap for your kiddo and makes the transition feel less abrupt.

Your kid might still be bummed it’s time to turn it off, but this could help you avoid a full-on meltdown. And you’ll finally get to find out why Mom Tiger is mad on “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”

Source: Lifehacker


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