Woman Offered $10,000 To Break Up With Her Fiancé - And She Took It

Would you leave your husband-to-be for $10,000 (roughly £7,700)?

Not many of us could be bribed to break up with our significant other, but one woman has revealed that she did just that when faced with the choice.

The unnamed woman revealed all in a post on Reddit, describing how her fiancé's parents came to her and offered her a lot of money on the condition that she break off things with their son.

And it seems the woman had no problem accepting the cash and getting the hell out of there - but she had pretty good reason to do so.

They'd been together for over five years, but things weren't perfect

She begins by explaining that she met her partner in college and they dated for several years before he popped the question.

The woman knew his wealthy mum and dad didn't think she was good enough for their son, but she says it never bothered her as she "loved him and thought [they] could get through this".

However after they got engaged, she began to notice that he was changing, and becoming increasingly like his parents.

She said: "He became extremely controlling. He wanted to know where I was almost every moment of the day, at one point he even said after we are married he wants to schedule out my day so he knows where I am at all times. So when she was offered a bribe to break up with her fiancé, she took it.



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