Is Crayola Planning To Rename Its Blue Crayon In Nipsey Hussle's Honor?

Nipsey Blue.

Fans of late rapper Nipsey Hussle are asking that Crayola rename one of its newest shades of blue after the 33-year-old rapper and activist.

In 2017, the crayon company announced on Twitter that they were in search of a name for their newest blue crayon. After a five-month-long search and thousands of suggestions from Crayola lovers around the world, the company settled on "Bluetiful." However, in the weeks since the tragic death of Nipsey, the tweet has resurfaced as his fans have started a Twitter campaign to have the crayon company rename the blue crayon in honor of Nipsey.

Even Lebron James has gotten in on the crayon petition Like many Nipsey fans, he's asking the company to rename Bluetiful to Nipsey Blue, but that's not the only name fans have suggested. Check out a few of the creative names below:

As fans know, Nipsey, who was known for his philanthropy and large heart, was gunned down outside his clothing store on March 31. Since his sudden death, the late rapper and activist has been memorialized in his hometown of Crenshaw with multiple murals, a number of celebrations of his life, and the renaming of the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue to "Nipsey Hussle Square." Nipsey's philanthropic efforts were also made part of United States History.

Most recently, the late rapper's family has vowed to keep his memory alive by continuing his work to better South Los Angeles. Sources close to Nipsey's family told TMZ earlier this month that he was in the "process of creating a foundation designed to improve the quality of life in his community" — primarily for young people — and he was "laying the groundwork" for it before his murder. While the foundation is still without a name, his family is reportedly making it their top priority to pick up right where he left off.

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