WI Church You Can Smoke Weed At Has Almost 6000 People Join In First Month

A Wisconsin church, that found a loophole in the law that would allow them and their practitioners to smoke weed during service, has been hit with a cease and desist letter. 

The Lion of Judah House of Rastafari founderJesse Schworck, said about 6,000 people have rolled up to the church to become members. However, things are starting to go up in smoke after the city attorney's office looked into the church's practices.  

The church believes the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects them and allows them to use marijuana as part of their religious practice

"They are claiming to be a church," said Assistant City AttorneyJennifer Zilavy. "I have not seen any documentation or anything that supports they are, in fact, a church. Even if they are a church, marijuana is illegal in this state. You can't sell it. It can't just be 24/7 and you can smoke weed and that's our religion."

Police showed up to the church and served the cease and desist letter while confiscating jars of marijuana. No arrests have been made. 

Source: Channel 3000


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