Just 4.4% Of People Change Their Underwear Every Four Days

When you get to work, look around at 25 of your coworkers and know this: Statistically, one of them is wearing the same underwear they've had on since Saturday. According to a new survey, 4.4% of Americans wear the same pair of underwear for four days or more before they change 'em and another 9% of people wear the same pair for two to three days.That means 13.4% of people, or roughly one out of seven, don't change their underwear daily. And if you're wondering whether those people who don't change their underwear are showering, they're not. 4.4% of people also say they only shower every four to five days. Is it the same 4.4% of people who don't change their underwear? We're not sure, but probably. The survey also found 6.2% of people don't brush their teeth every day and 3.4% change the sheets on their bed less than four times a year.


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