A Hack To Help Your Kid Put Their Shoes On The Right Feet

When you have a little kid who can finally put their own shoes on their feet, it’s an exciting day. Having your children be able to do more themselves is helpful, right? But here’s the thing - most of the time, the kid gets confused about which shoe goes on which food and you have to get involved anyway. But this easy hack can help them know which shoe is left and which is right so they get it right every time.

All you need is a sticker. Cut it down the middle and put one half on the inside of each sole. So when your kid looks inside the shoes and sees the dinosaur’s head inside the left shoe and his body and tail inside the right shoe, they know that’s the way the shoes go because it makes a picture. It’s a simple trick that’ll make getting out the door easier until your kiddo gets the hang of the subtleties of footwear.



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