This Wine Theme Park Needs To Be Seen To Believed

Friends Toasting Wineglasses During Party

Friends Toasting Wineglasses During Party

La Cité du Vin aka The City of Wine is about to be your next dream vacation. As the name suggests, La Cité du Vin is an entire theme park dedicated to, yup, wine. Located in Bordeaux, France (you know, the wine capitol of the world), La Cité du Vin has 800 varieties of wine from 70 different countries, 20 wine-themed exhibits and even a simulated boat ride.

Just looking at The City of Wine's Instagram account makes you feel like you're already on a vino-infused vacation. According to the architects behind the buildings interesting design, the twisted metal structure is supposed to remind guests of the way wine swirls around in a glass.

You can visit La Cité du Vino for just €24 (about $27). This ticket allows you to visit the park and get a tour, as well as check out one of the guided exhibitions. If you'e able to shell out a little more cash, €42 (about $47.50) gets you all of that in addition to a workshop called 'A Glass of Wine in Markets of the World'. How fun does that sound?

Who's ready to plan a vacation Bordeaux?

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