'Chance The Snapper' Captured In Chicago Park

Chance the Snapper

After evading capture for the past week, "Chance the Snapper" was finally caught by wildlife officials in Chicago. The alligator, named after rapper and Chicago native Chance the Rapper, was spotted living in Humboldt Park Lagoon last week. Police believe "Chance" was somebody's pet and was abandoned in the lagoon.

Officials were forced to close sections of the park as the alligator ignored baited traps set up in the area. They had to call in outside help and reached out to Frank Robb, an alligator expert who owns Crocodilian Specialist Services in Florida.

Robb arrived on in the Windy City on Sunday, and by Monday night, the gator had been captured. They took "Chance" to a local zoo to get checked out by a veterinarian and hope to find a permanent home for the alligator.

Photo: Chicago Animal Care and Control


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