Hannah's Headlines - 10/2/2019


Always too cold? Too hot? There's an app -- and a gadget -- for that

For people who always run either too hot or too cold -- or sometimes both in a given day -- there's a new gadget on your wrist that can lend a hand.

Developed by MIT scientists, theEmbr Wave braceletlooks like a typical smart watch, but it actually serves as a little thermostat for your body. The discreet gadget uses precise thermal wave pulses on your wrist to either cool you off or warm you up, making you feel five degrees more comfortable in minutes.

In the same way that holding a cup of coffee can "warm you up," or sticking your feet in the pool on a hot day can cool you off, the Embr doesn't change your core temperature, but it changes theperceivedtemperature of your surroundings.

Pressing the "plus" side of a slider sends warming signals to your wrist, while the "minus" has the opposite effect.

Using pulses of either warm or cool temperatures at your wrist, the Embr essentially "hacks" your body into making it feel more comfortable. The device can be customized for the user, turning on at scheduled times, or for a particular duration and temperature.

So if your one of the countless people with no control over the thermostat in your office, the $299 Embr could prove to be a game changer -- and it's certainly more discreet than throwing on that ugly sweater hanging over your chair, or grabbing a magazine to fan yourself.

You’re 10 Times More Likely To Be Dumped If You’re Bad With Money

Being financially irresponsible is bad for your bank account. But guess what – it could be bad for romance, too. Money issues can cause problems in relationships, and a new survey fromPolicygeniusfinds that they could actually be deal breakers.

In the survey of 2,000 people, one in five people in a relationship say their partner is financially irresponsible.The Couples and Money Survey also found:

  • 11% of respondents who think their S.O. is bad with money admit they plan to break up with them over the financial issues.
  • ...that’s a lot compared to just 1% of people who believe their partner is good with money and also plan to end things.
  • About 19% of people don’t spend any money without telling their partner and 37% say they’re only comfortable spending up to $100 without telling their S.O.
  • Nearly half (46%) of couples surveyed pool income with their partner and 30% treat their partner’s debt as joint debt.
  • People were most likely to know their partner’s salary (70%) and least likely to know their partner’s credit score (50%) or spending habits (51%).
  • A majority of people (70%) say money doesn’t influence their relationship, but 5% admit they would leave over money issues, but they can’t afford to.

Source:Women's Health

Would You Vacation At A “Haunted” Island Filled With Creepy Dolls?

Fans of haunted dolls finally have a creepy vacation designed just for them. A company that specializes in group adventures for solo travelers is offering a nine-day package tour of Mexico this Halloween that includes a visit to an infamous location known as the Island of the Dolls. The spooky island is known to locals not just for being supposedly haunted, but for another, truly creepy, aspect: The area is reportedly covered in dolls hanging from the trees. Many of the dolls are allegedly missing various body parts (which isn’t all that unusual for toys that have been left out in the wild). The dolls also are known to move their heads and arms. There are even claims that they can be heard whispering to one another. The tour, which is set to take travelers through central Mexico, is stopping at other, non-doll-haunted locations as well. Travelers will be provided with what the company calls a “unique take” on ancient Mexican tradition, including the celebration of Dia de los Muertos. The trip runs from October 26 to November 3.


This Is How Long It Takes To Know If Someone’s “The One”

While some people insist they knew on their first date they had found “The One,” for most people it takes a bit longer. In fact, according to a new survey, the average person says it takes seven months of dating before realizing someone is “The One.”

Of course, once someone has determined they’ve found the person they want to spend the rest of their life the next step is the proposal, and apparently most men don’t make that decision on their own.The survey finds:

  • 49% of respondents say their partner dropped little hints encouraging them to propose.
  • 54% say watching TV shows or movies involving weddings or proposals is the top hint.

Other top hints include:

  • Talk about others’ weddings/engagements (52%)
  • Wedding magazines left out (50%)
  • Partner forwards emails from jewelry brands (45%)
  • Finance stopped to look at rings in a store (40%)
  • Social media tagging (40%)
  • Wedding invitations from family and friends (38%)
  • Went ring shopping together (31%)

But it doesn’t seem folks are necessarily running out and getting a ring at the first sign of a proposal hint. Most people say it takes two months to find the right ring, with 60% saying they got some sort of guidance from their partner before buying the ring. 

Source:SWNS Digital

What In Your House Is Being Held Together By Duct Tape?

A new study of 2,000 Americans delved into the seemingly endless ways we use duct tape, and found that when it comes to the sticky stuff, there’s nothing we won’t at least try to use it on. The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Duck brand, revealed that 51% of Americans currently have duct tape holding something together in their house, and another one in three (37%) are using it to patch up something on or in their car. The average American surveyed says they’re currently using duct tape as a temporary fix for seven things in their home, with the average respondent saying they will leave duct tape on that thing for eight full days before having it properly repaired. In fact, 88% of Americans say that when something breaks in their home, their first instinct is to reach for the duct tape.

  • What strange way have you used duct tape to fix something in your home?
  • Have you ever used duct tape as a bandage for a wound?


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